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March 6, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

From Oil & Vinegar to Retail Is Detail




John Blogg, who was born in 1948 in Amsterdam, is a passionate retailer who was one of the first to create an interactive, global gourmet, retail food concept named Oil & Vinegar. Trained in the fashion industry, John travelled extensively and had a career in Fashion and Department store retail management, where he discovered early on the  similarities that exist in the minds of consumers as far as food and fashion trends were concerned.


His focus early on was the changing world of retail which led him to create a company that combined various food and home / kitchen offerings in a comprehensive wholesale offer. The idea behind these coordinated product ranges was to offer the retail establishment an easy way to create more opportunities to have consumers buy more and with greater ease in their stores, through a coordinated instore display and presentation of various complementing ranges of products.

The Oil & Vinegar chain is a fashion store in food

As the international (non-fashion) retail establishment was in his opinion too slow to take up this idea of de segmentation and much more integration of products he developed and started the gourmet food chain Oil & Vinegar – ‘A Fashion Store in Food’.

From simple beginnings in the Netherlands where John started and worked the first store in 1999 the concept developed to a world wide presence within 6 years.


After his period with Oil & Vinegar, John founder of Retail is Detail has concentrated his consultancy on even newer developments happening in retail, focussing on Flash Retail as a comprehensive strategy for brands and above all retailers, mall owners and asset managers to combat empty commercial space and bring back excitement to the highstreets and shopping centres.

Retail Is Detail has a multi-talented team able to effectively support retail turn-around operations and create exciting new retail concepts, focussing not only on a pro-active Pop-Up Strategy but also on the re-adjustment of their food court and food & beverage offerings for Shopping Malls, world wide.

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