Woodlands Mall Texas hosts Van Gogh Museum Pop-up

Van-Gogh-Museum-Pop-Up-in-Woodlands-Mall-Texas-Retail-is-Detail-During March and April with an end at the 11th of May the Van Gogh Museum POP UP exhibit and boutique will be in the Woodlands Mall Texas.

This Pop-up & Gift shop presents 9 replicas of  leading masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh to the general public. The Van Gogh Museum Cultural Pop Up will be visiting 7 leading shopping centers in North America in 2019/2020.

This unique POP UP exhibit and Pop Up Merchandise Boutique has immedialy created a huge consumer interest and in the first 10 days many thousands of visitors have visited this POP UP event.

This third POP UP event by the Van Gogh  Museum is placed in the common area of the Mall with an adjoining Merchandise boutique. It seems clear that consumers want more than just another merchandise display in a Mall to lure them away from the online sales opportunity.

Place a real exiting cultural event in the heart of a commercial Retail environment and see the consumers gravitate to that situation !

The Van Gogh Museum POP UP and Boutique will be in the Woodlands Mall Texas until the 11th May 2019.

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Pop-ups: An essential part of the modern retail strategy

Retail_is_Detail_Hypsos_Popups-An-essential-part-of-the-modern-retail-strategy_Image credit ShutterstockOnce a novelty concept, today pop-up stores are a firm fixture in shopping centers, transit hubs and markets – in fact, anywhere with a high footfall.

They’re no longer the preserve of start-ups and boutique retailers. Big name brands are now harnessing the power of pop-ups to enhance brand awareness, boost seasonal sales and target new markets.

“In many cases, they present an effective way for brands to test a format they haven’t trialed before,” explains JLL’s Director of London retail, Duncan Gilliard. Watch retailer Larsson & Jennings, for example, started out with a London pop-up before signing a permanent lease, and subsequently opening further stores in London’s Regent Street and New York’s SoHo.

Likewise, they’re commonly used to launch or trial new products. U.S. footwear retailer DSW, for example, recently debuted their range of customized 3D-printed shoes in pop-up locations in New York and San Francisco, which allow visitors to actually see their new shoes being made.

Even Google is experimenting offline, with a new space in New York’s SoHo. While shoppers can’t actually buy anything from Made by Google, the store provides an opportunity to try out the brand’s new hardware.

An evolving format

When pop-ups first came on the scene, critics thought they may pose a threat to traditional real estate. “We’ve seen from the way companies and landlords are using them, that in fact they’re complementary,” Gilliard says.

Take traditional British brand Hunter—known for their colourful wellies—which set up a temporary store in London’s Piccadilly Circus, just steps from their permanent flagship on Regent’s Street. “This location was predominantly a satellite that directs customers to the main store, and increases awareness of the brand,” Gilliard says.

Elsewhere, brands are leveraging pop-ups to deliver products directly to their target market, as well as get a foothold in new ones. Canadian fashion retailer Kit and Ace collaborated with luxury hotel chains for “The Carry-on”, which offered guests and local residents the opportunity to shop a selection of the brand’s travel clothing and accessories.

Crucially, the initiative also featured an online version, offering digital visitors access to city guides curated by local influencers, as well as product recommendations.

“Lately we’re seeing pop-ups used as a key part of an ominchannel marketing plan,” says Gilliard. “Brands are realizing that they need to harmonize the digital and physical. If someone has a good brand experience in the real world, they’ll buy online.”

New opportunities for big names

Within the modern day retail strategy, pop-ups are frequently used to engage consumers in unique and experiential ways, such as drinks brand Rémy Martin which travels round U.S. cities and allows visitors to blend their own cognac. “Brands, for their part, recognize that a pop-up needs to provide something special. A smaller version of a freestanding store simple won’t work,” says Gilliard.

Creating such immersive and interactive experiences can convert casual visitors into long-term customers.

Moreover, to businesses offering season-specific products and services, the pop-up offers big benefits. “Ice-cream brand Magnum have been successful with their pop-up stores in Central London which has allowed them to maximize their brand awareness at the peak of summer,” says Gilliard.

Making pop-ups pop

While temporary stores have transformed the retail strategy of many brands, Gilliard notes that brands should think carefully about how the format fits in with their overall approach: “For some retailers, because of their concept and the amount of time it takes to launch, the pop-up doesn’t work.”

A key challenge for retailers is gathering accurate results in a relatively short time-frame. “When trialing for physical stores, retailers need to take a pop-up for at least six months to a year,” he explains. “We generally see that retailers become much more successful the longer they’ve been in a location, due to factors like word of mouth and consumer awareness.”

However, as long as pop-ups continue to draw in consumers, they will remain a key part of a retail strategy. “Now that so many big brands are embracing it, the pop-up has hugely improved in quality and creativity in the last 10 years,” concludes Gilliard. “I believe the format will continue to move in that direction.”

Source: by Natalie Holmes, JLLRealView.com

Image credit: Shutterstock

Much interest for Retail is Detail ‘s pro-active pop up strategy for malls

During Mapic 2016 there was a real flow of interested parties to find out more from our show team at the Mapic. 

John Blogg, our CEO, presented a papier on more use in malls of pop up ideas in order to create more compelling experiences for consumers.

Malls were invited  to increase the diversity of pop up offers and to plan more in avance.

Especially the innovative pop up presentation developed for the van Gogh museum caught the attention of the experts.


The Van Gogh Museum edition pop up at the Canadian Edmonton shopping mall made possible by Retail is Detail and the Van Gogh Foundation.


Mapic 2016 was again a resounding succes for Retail is Detail

Here two executives of AEON Mall Japan who got ”in touch” with the Sunflowers of Vincent van Gogh as shown on the Retail is Detail Booth!

Retail is Detail guides and supports the famous Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum in their endeavors to expand their special editions POP UP project globally.

AEON Malls Tokyo flagship Mall caters for some 100.000.000 annual footfall!



Pop up psychology

In an interview with John Ryan of Reed Midem Real Estate Shows, John Blogg, Managing Director Retail is Detail, explains his pop up psychology with its relating marketing opportunities.

You want to know more, please read the news article: retail_is_detail_pop-up-psychology retail_is_detail_pop-up-psychology

Source: Mapic 2016 news 2 by REED MIDEM REAL ESTATE SHOWS – issuu


Retail is Detail with Van Gogh Museum at the Mapic 2016!


The Mapic organization has invited Retail is Detail to become a sponsor at the Mapic specialty leasing lounge in the main hall, Palais– 1.

In this specialty leasing lounge we are introducing a number of our exciting news clients for POP-UP opportunities: Dockfour, JacketzCarimaud and Le Bonparfumeur.

We are proud to announce that Van Gogh Museum will be introduced as well at the Mapic 2016. The Van Gogh Museum has requested Retail is Detail to assist them with a project to ascertain the viability of partnering on a global scale with leading mall and airport operators. All in support of their global funding drive. As well as to bring the masters work to more people in the world. At the Mapic 2016 Van Gogh Museum will be present with one of the nine new generation 3D-reproductions “The Sunflowers” that will form the backbone of their innovative mall POP UP project.

We are a full service one-stop-shop retail consultancy. We build, design & even operate pop-ups, with retail stores we give strategic hands-on advise on how to succeed in retail.

If you are planning to visit us, please let us know as we are more than happy to welcome you at the Mapic 2016!

Consumers do no longer buy in shopping malls

Consumers do no longer buy in shopping malls

The American malls are still an important social facilitator. “The major difference with the past is that mall visitor does not buy anything anymore” states Interbrand chief strategy office Stephan Gans in the RetailTrends issue of October 2016.

As a result of the recession four hundred out of the total of two thousand shoppings malls in North America have closed down. However the mall feature will not disappear. Larger parts of North America have an inhospitable climate with far too high or low temperatures. The need for an air conditioned indoor shopping facility to shop, to socialize with friends, to eat, will remain.

According consumer behavior specialist, Mary Brett Whitfield of Kantar Retail, the malls, which are still going strong, do not focus on product range but on an “unique experience”. An very good example is Destiny USA in Syracuse, which has developed a theme concept for among others laser game and midget golf. Visitors of this mall are staying now longer for on an average of six hours.

The October issue of RetailTrends shows more details on how to shopping malls can survive in the 21st century.

Retail is Detail’s innovative pro-active, strategy program for malls is a great answer to many of the Malls woes! Maybe it is time to give us a call or visit the team at Mapic booth R7 D 28 in the Riviera Hall during 16- 18 November. We are working with some of the leading Asset ones in the world to assist them to make their Malls more attractive to consumers.consumers-do-no-longer-buy-in-shopping-malls

Source: RetailTrends

Retail is Detail at the Mapic specialty leasing lounge!

We are proud to announce that the Mapic organization has invited Retail is Detail to become a sponsor at the Mapic specialty leasing lounge in the main hall, Palais– 1!

In this specialty leasing lounge we are introducing a number of our exciting news clients for POP-UP opportunities:




Le Bonparfumeur

We are a full service one-stop-shop retail consultancy. We build, design & even operate pop-ups, with retail stores we give strategic hands-on advise on how to succeed in retail.

If you are planning to visit us, please let us know as we are more than happy to welcome you at the Mapic 2016!

Hope to see you at the Mapic 2016!

What is a pop-up shop and six strategic marketing tips for pop-up shop success

You want to increase your ecommerce business and other internet-based brands? Pop-ups shops are becoming increasingly popular. You need to know some specific techniques in your strategic marketing to help achieve the best results.

What is a pop-up shop and six marketing tips for pop-up shop success.

Retail Is Detail is a global full service retail pop-up consultancy and provider.

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Source: CIO from IDG

Is a pop-up a marketing tool or a solution for empty stores?

Is a pop-up a marketing tool or a solution for empty stores? We believe it is a truly marketing tool, so does Amazon. Take a look at Amazon’ plan to have to 100 pop-up stores in US shopping malls over the next year and pictures of existing Amazon pop-ups.

Retail Is Detail has all the knowhow to help you succeed in succesfully launching a retail pop-up campaign.

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Source: The Real Deal

Retail is Detail launches the Van Gogh Museum Editions POP UP in Edmonton’s Southgate Mall

Together with our client IvanhoeCambridge of Canada we are proud to launch on the 15th October 2015, the exciting POP UP for the Special edition collection by the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum in the top Southgate Mall in Edmonton Alberta Canada.
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Malls Need Good Food Courts

Great Food Courts Determine A Mall’s Future Success

We need to have a gathering place where people can relax and sit down and a meeting place where they can go.
Mall shopping is primarily a social experience: According to a survey by the Glimcher Retail Monitor, about 80 percent of Americans shop with someone else.

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Pop-UP or GO DOwn

The old way of Flash Retail Thinking is purely Reactive

Pop-Up Retail Stores or otherwise known as Flash Retail have been with us for some 14 years now and came about as a simple marketing tool for big Brands to introduce mainly new products and designs. Lead by their Marketing and Brand Agencies it has become a purely promotional, marketing instrument just as any other advertisement campaign or event base related promotion. As a result Retail Landlords and Mall Owners with an increasing number of empty storefronts caught on to this idea and are slowly becoming more receptive to offers from brands and retailers wanting to lease a commercial space for a short time…

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Retailers, Innovation Is Key !


Shoppers never stop shopping, and retailers must evolve to stay ahead of the pack and keep consumers engaged. Today, brick-and-mortar stores need to innovate continually to capture their shoppers’ attention as e-commerce attracts a growing number of users.

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Mall Pop-Up Incubators

A great way for retailers to test and learn if their idea works

In one of the Malls I recently visited Mall management designated a number of incubator units as permanent retail spaces for young or starting retailers who can rent these completely fitted out retail spaces for short or in some cases somewhat longer trial periods to test and learn if the consumers like their ideas or concepts. The rents are flexible and will allow any entrepreneur to apply.

The Mall allocates semi-permanent fixtures completely fitted-out with a nice and modern interior that can easily be adapted. It’s a great idea for local businesses and creates a much more diverse look and feel in any Mall.

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