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We Are Retail Is Detail

We are a global full service pop-up and retail agency.
We assist asset managers, brands & retailers in all things retail.

W e are a full service, one-stop-shop, retail solution provider. We build, design and manage Pop-Ups, Retail Stores and give strategic hands-on advice on how to succeed in Retail. Our consultants and strategic partners all over the world, work on projects ranging from retail strategy & concept development to global retail expansion and short term speciality leasing for mall owners and asset managers.

We build, design and manage Retail & Pop-Up Stores

Profitable Customer-Driven Retail Solutions

Retail is Detail’s global network provides a comprehensive range of services dedicated to optimizing your retail and Pop-up potential. So whether you need to make the most out of your property in Dubai, the brand you’re promoting in New York or you may be looking for the perfect location for your new retail venture we provide tailor-made turnkey assistance for every aspect that contributes to your success.

The high quality, customer experiences we develop are intelligently designed to generate shop traffic, stimulate sales and create brand loyalty.

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  • We have a multi-talented team able to effectively support Retail turn around operations as well as create exciting, new Retail & Pop-Up Concepts.

    John - Managing Director - Retail Is Detail

Our Retail Services

All our services are hands-on and tailor made to ensure your success.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Retail Strategy, Concept Development and Turnkey

Full service means we ideate, conceptualize, create and always build turnkey.

Mall Repositioning and Analysis

We help you determine your target audience and what makes them tick.

Food Court Redesign, Ideation and Roll-Out

Without a social underpin or an experience based food offering your mall is not utilizing its full potential.

Footfall Analysis and Demographics

We make certain your store is in the right place. Location is key!

Proactive Short Term Marketing Strategy

We have developed a Short Term Leasing Strategy Program that works!


We know how to showcase your products for the best results and more sales.

POS & Staffing

We train and hire the best staff and implement the most user friendly POS system.

Retail Intelligence, Market Analysis and Roll-Out

Without the right intelligence or strategy no plan will work, however viable it may seem.

One Stop Shop Pop-Up Support

From store build-out to store management, we take all the hassle out setting up and running your store.

Globalisation Assistance

We know what it means to go global and can help you enter new markets.

  • Every silver lining has a cloud.

    Mary Kay Ash - Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Our Work Process

When taking on any project, the following milestones are key.


We always share ideas and explore possibilities before the start of any project.


When ideating we come up with more concrete ideas based on all what was explored during the Brainstorm.

Concept Design

After choosing the right idea we come up a first concept design and start looking for a suitable location.


After the initial concept design we fine tune and come up with a more elaborate design.


At this stage we start building and merchandising your store as well as setting up your POS system and finding staff.

Testing and Delivery Support

Your dedicated account rep will assist if changes need to be made.

  • Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

    Steve Jobs - Apple

Our Work – Retail Is Detail

These are some of our most recent projects. We believe our work speaks for itself.

  • You never know what may Pop-Up on our Blog

    Bernard - Blog Editor

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Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with any information you might need.

r2 Our experienced team of global retail professionals are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Drop us a line or send us an email, we’ll be more than happy to speak to you. We usually respond within 48 hours! We don’t waste your time by asking you to fill out a form just remember to tell us the best way for us to get in touch with you.

Want to know more about what we can do for you?

Contact us today at +31 6 54988843 or send us an email at

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