Should you open a pop-up shop?


Are you looking for a way to spark excitement around your retail brand or mall even test a new product line or reach out to a new market without making a huge financial commitment?

The answer just could be a pop-up shop.

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Source: by Rieva Lesonsky & specialty retail report

Shopping Is Not Just About Transaction

Clever Retailers Deliver Experience

Traditional businesses being shaken to their cores by factors like technology, being forced to rethink their businesses, approaches, or products. Perhaps this is nowhere truer than in the retail industry – more precisely brick and mortar retail.
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Future Retail Trends Already Happening

Cost polarization

By 2015 the middle class will have disappeared in most developed countries taking mid-price retailers with them. Hence most consumer markets are already polarising between economy and premium sectors (low price versus luxury). However, customers can happily live in both segments buying $15 T-shirts one minute and $500 jeans the next.
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