Airport Specialty Retail Tips for Retailers

Here are some retail tips for if you’re thinking of setting up shop at an airport.


To get your concept approved at an Airport do the necessary homework to create a well-researched and well-defined retail concept. Second, remember that just because a concept works in a mall does not mean it will work in an airport. The best airport business proposals are the ones that include a thoughtful, thorough analysis of the product, how it appeals to the target airport shopper and how the business will be visually merchandised and managed. In the end, if you give the airport management a clear and thoughtful analysis of your business, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your concept approved and launched.

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Differences between airport and mall shoppers

Differences between airport and mall shoppers include the following:

The first and somewhat obvious difference revolves around the reason why people are at the mall as opposed to the airport. Shoppers visit a mall with the primary purpose of shopping, but people at an airport are generally there for one of three reasons:

  • To travel, or
  • to pick up or drop off someone who is traveling or
  • to work at the airport. Thus, shopping is at best a secondary consideration for airport visitors;

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We Love Airport Specialty Retail

High traffic and a captive audience can be just the perfect combination

Airports have always been a popular location for specialty retail businesses and kiosk operators looking to enter the airport market because they all realize, high traffic and a captive audience can be just the perfect combination for your retail concept.

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