October 20, 2016 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

Copy its successfull Mall of Scandinavia to the Netherlands

A significant investment of € 450 million in the Dutch retail business! Unibail-Rodamco wants to copy its successfull Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm/Sweden, to the Netherlands.

In 2019 the Mall of the Netherlands will be opened with shiny marble floors, eight meter high glass fronts, twenty restaurants, a fresh market as the Markthal in Rotterdam and a movie theater with ten theaters. It wil get a “four star service level”: thousands of free parking spots, free wifi and customers will be able to (cold) store their shopping bags and groceries. Via the mall’ app the customers will receive tailormade offers. Shopping must be a live experience. In short: positive news in retail business, see NRC news article.

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retail-is-detail_nrc-about-retail-success-of-mall-of-scandinavia-to-the-netherlandsNews source: NRC

Photo:  David van Dam Artist Impression / MVSA Architects