Van Gogh Museum

From the 1st of December the unique Short Hills Mall, New Jersey, is the new host of the Van Gogh Museum Pop-up & gift shop. This Pop-up & Gift shop presents the leading masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh to the general public. The Van Gogh Museum Cultural Pop Up will be visiting 7 leading shopping centers in North America in 2018 and 2019.

This second POP UP by the Van Gogh  Museum is placed within a commercial store environment. It seems clear that consumers want more than just another merchandise display in a store to lure them away form the online sales opportunity.

Place a real exiting cultural event in the heart of a commercial Retail environment and see the consumers gravitate to that situation !

Open from 1 st Dcember 2018 to 31th January 2019

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Van Gogh Museum Pop-up & Gift Shop:
Brainstorm & Ideation
Store Design
Concept & Branding
Merchandising & Product Mix