Oil & Vinegar Store Interior


r2 Passion and a feel for the experience economy has made this concept strong and vibrant in many continents. From simple beginnings in the Netherlands where John founder of Retail Is Detail opened the first Oil & Vinegar store in 1999 the concept is now a global franchise.

His focus early on the changing world of retail led him to create a company that combined various food and home / kitchen offerings in a comprehensive wholesale offer. The ideas behind these coordinated product ranges was to offer the retail establishment an easy way to create more opportunities to have consumers buy more and with greater ease in their stores, through a coordinated instore display and presentation of various complementing ranges of products.

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Founded Oil & Vinegar in 1999
Brainstorm & Ideation
Store Design & Build-out
Location Search
Merchandising & Communication
Market Strategy
Global Expansion Support
Staffing & POS