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6 reasons why pop-up stores are booming

These are just some of the reasons why Pop-Up Stores are becoming so popular…

1. Renting short-term retail space is getting easier

It used to be you had to send an intern to walk around a target neighborhood and write down phone numbers listed on open commercial spaces, and then call and beg a broker to take a short-term lease while they were waiting for a longer-term tenant.

2. Timing is everything

Before “pop-up” was a marketing buzzword, temporary Halloween shops would open to sell costumes just when people needed them. That principle still holds, with brands launching stores for holiday shopping, or to coincide with big events like New York Fashion Week. Pop-ups help brands be where they want to be, when they want to be there.

3. There’s a glut of unused retail space

There are 42 square feet of shopping-center space per capita in the United States; the next runner-up in the world is Sweden, with just three square feet per capita.One in 10 retails stores is vacant now.

4. They can be platforms for other events

Building out a brand experience in a location that you rent for more than a day or two means you can use it for several different elements of a promotional campaign: a big launch party, cocktails for V.I.P. customers, a reception for partners, a lunch for media, public hours for consumers, additional parties hosted by collaborators or like-minded brands.

5. Pop-ups give online brands a physical presence

Many of the most interesting and ambitious new brands launch and acquire most of their customers online. But an in-person activation can help strengthen a brand’s relationship with its customers and lure consumers who might not have encountered it online.

6. Temporary experiences can be experiments

Some pop-ups become testing grounds where brands can try concepts including new products, store designs, and technology tools. Brands with existing stores can test ideas for their permanent locations, and online-only sellers can see how consumers respond to a brick-and-mortar showroom.

Source: Bizbash

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