June 15, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

What Makes a Pop-Up Campaign Successful?

Make your pop-up experience unique and memorable

In order for a pop-up campaign to be successful you need to achieve high levels of customer engagement and offer an experience that’s truly unique and memorable. But in order to engage your target audience, you need to have a good understanding of them.

It’s critical that you build your pop-up campaign around your audience rather than around your brand. You need to know who your target audience is, what they value, where they are located and the type of experience they’re likely to engage with. Understanding your prospects will enable you to focus on identifying the optimal locations to reach them – this is absolutely critical.

Of course, once you’ve planned your pop-up campaign, you’re going to need to put the word out. Handing out flyers is great, but you should also remember to make use of social media – which is not only extremely powerful but also 100% free!

Savvy marketers will also utilise key influencers (bloggers, celebrities etc.) in their industry as a way to attract a wider audience to their pop-up events. Inviting key influencers along and getting them to live tweet using a custom hashtag and share pictures from the event on sites like Facebook and Instagram is a great way to spread the word about your pop-up campaign, and get as many people involved in the experience as possible!

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