November 16, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

Van Gogh Pop-Up Exhibit In Canada

EDMONTON —  The Van Gogh Museum Edition Pop-Up made possible by Retail is Detail and the Van Gogh Foundation allowed a number of visually impaired children a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the Dutch master’s art. While touching an original piece of Vincent Van Gogh’s work is prohibited in museums and galleries, a Pop-Up with some of his masterpiece replica’s gives everyone who visits the chance to see, touch and feel his work.


In order to properly replicate the strokes, a silk, rubbery cloth is placed over an original piece of Van Gogh’s work to creative a negative of the painting. That negative is taken to a photography shop where a 3D printer is used to print the piece on a canvas. From there, colour specialists spend months on each piece, getting the colours of the painting just right.

“You can actually feel… how he actually made those brush strokes and it gives a different dimension to the painting,” said Stefanye Kaltenvrunner, executive assistant at Tribute International, the media and entertainment company behind the exhibit at Southgate Centre.

“You can really feel what he tried to express and I think for someone that’s visually impaired, they can actually experience art for the first time.”

The pop-up exhibit runs at Southgate Centre until Nov. 15.

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