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March 23, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

Pop-UP or GO DOwn

The old way of Flash Retail Thinking is purely Reactive

Pop-Up Retail Stores or otherwise known as Flash Retail have been with us for some 14 years now and came about as a simple marketing tool for big Brands to introduce mainly new products and designs. Lead by their Marketing and Brand Agencies it has become a purely promotional, marketing instrument just as any other advertisement campaign or event base related promotion. As a result Retail Landlords and Mall Owners with an increasing number of empty storefronts caught on to this idea and are slowly becoming more receptive to offers from brands and retailers wanting to lease a commercial space for a short time…

Well while this sounds like good news for everyone involved in Pop-Up’s and short term leasing we’re not quite there yet because in our humble opinion this is still the old way of Flash Retail thinking, purely reactionary. We say this because by just filling up empty store space with Pop-Ups when and where space become available at your Mall is a little too late and won’t attract the big much sought after high end Pop-Up Retailers seeking commercial space for their retail endeavors.

The new way of Flash Retail Thinking must be Proactive

Retail Is Detail during 2013/2014 was asked to devise and implement for its client base an innovative and much more PRO ACTIVE approach to Pop-Up Strategy.

Our Pop-Up /Assist Program for operators is based on the following:

a) Capitalize on E-tailers and move them from clicks to bricks;
b) Introduce new Retail Concepts (Retailer Incubation)
c) Introduce new brands/products/services;
d) Work with aligned brands to create unique/experiential events;
e) Create museum quality exhibits;
f) Create buzz/garner PR/generate revenue

Proactive Pop-Up Strategy Program

Our teams work closely with our clients on a Pro-active Pop-up Strategy for the malls aimed at creating buzz and excitement, innovation and PR which lead to more repeat visits and footfall ultimately leading to more sales and happy retailers and mall owners!

With our comprehensive program we have been able to change our client’s initial focus from only considering return on square meters, to a return on consumer value. The subsequent paradigm shift from asset value to asset usage will in time mean a much bigger return on square meters for landlords and mall owners.

Our teams assist, support and implement new strategies but always in partnership with the Specialty leasing and marketing experts employed by Landlords, Malls and Operators…

Let Retail is Detail’s Pop Up strategy work for you too!

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