October 10, 2016 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

Consumers do no longer buy in shopping malls

Consumers do no longer buy in shopping malls

The American malls are still an important social facilitator. “The major difference with the past is that mall visitor does not buy anything anymore” states Interbrand chief strategy office Stephan Gans in the RetailTrends issue of October 2016.

As a result of the recession four hundred out of the total of two thousand shoppings malls in North America have closed down. However the mall feature will not disappear. Larger parts of North America have an inhospitable climate with far too high or low temperatures. The need for an air conditioned indoor shopping facility to shop, to socialize with friends, to eat, will remain.

According consumer behavior specialist, Mary Brett Whitfield of Kantar Retail, the malls, which are still going strong, do not focus on product range but on an “unique experience”. An very good example is Destiny USA in Syracuse, which has developed a theme concept for among others laser game and midget golf. Visitors of this mall are staying now longer for on an average of six hours.

The October issue of RetailTrends shows more details on how to shopping malls can survive in the 21st century.

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Source: RetailTrends