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May 18, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

We Love Airport Specialty Retail

High traffic and a captive audience can be just the perfect combination

Airports have always been a popular location for specialty retail businesses and kiosk operators looking to enter the airport market because they all realize, high traffic and a captive audience can be just the perfect combination for your retail concept.

One of the main benefits of operating an airport kiosk, is the captive audience. Travelers who arrive early, have a layover or a delayed flight have hours to spend waiting at the airport, and that means they are more likely to walk around and browse shops and kiosks.

Moreover the traveling public is more likely to have disposable income. “It’s been shown that the traveling public has a higher education level as well as a higher income level, many over $100,000, they’re more likely to spend … on an unplanned purchase.”

And just to conclude this short post, Retail Is Detail is in talks with European and US Airport Retail Operators and Specialty Leasing on plans to instigate a Pro-Active Specialty Leasing Program as we are successfully doing for some of the major mall operators across North America.

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