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March 18, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

Malls Need More Consumer Experience


Retail Is Detail has worldwide experience working with shopping centres, malls and retail stores throughout the world on concept development, master planning and design, with a focus on incorporating fun, food and fashion into mall retail experiences.

Root causes rather than just symptoms need to determined and then addressed in order to cure the ills. Fixes are never simple or easy. An overall strategy, often requiring repositioning and some redevelopment of the shopping centre, must be formulated. Such an analysis and strategy is often best accomplished by an outsider who has no prior biases about the centre.

Many shopping centres and malls are distressed, in serious trouble and searching for turnaround and workout strategies to become viable again. This typically requires a thorough analysis of the centre including its tenant mix, its trade area and capture rates, its physical facility, its competition and other factors impacting its performance.

Retail Is Detail understands both the dynamics of shopping centers and how to use leisure projects and features based upon introducing consumer experiences and not just the sale of ‘stuff’ to generate traffic and sales.

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