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Pop-Up Store Basics

 “Pop-Update 1”

In our ‘Pop-Update’ series we explore all things related to Pop-Up Stores. We scour the Internet for interesting articles and tidbits related to the Pop-Up Industry otherwise known as Flash Retail.

Pop-up stores are emerging as valuable tools that incorporate both marketing and retail into a temporary, cost-adjustable package. A retailer can choose to play it safe with a quiet, low-overhead store to garner interest, or they can execute a full-blown advertising campaign.

Retailers and brand owners value the pop-up store tactic for some of the following reasons:

  • Creating an instant buzz
  • Allowing for non-committal exposure
  • Creating opportunities for brands to experiment
  • Informal, cost-effective test-beds for new products and concepts

The bottom line in any Pop-Up or Retail endevor is always the customer journey and ends with the checkout.

So what are some of the key aspects to every in-store pop-up, retail customer journey?

1. The Decompression Zone:

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Which is why the decompression zone is so vital, it’s the very first space that prospective customers step into when they enter your store. It typically consists of the first five to fifteen feet worth of space So make it count!

2. The Power Wall:

It’s a well known fact in the retail community that in North America roughly 90 percent of shoppers will turn right upon coming into a store unconsciously. Once again make it count and ‘wOw’ them with your creativity. Power to the wall!

3. The Pathway:
Knowing that your customers want to turn right, your next job is to make sure that as they do that, they also continue walking throughout your store.
Typically, most stores will use a circular path to the right to get customers to walk through to the back of the store and come to the front again.

4. The Speed Bumps:
Give your customer time to breathe or take a break through creating breaks or what are sometimes referred to as “speed bumps.” Essentially, this can be anything that gives customers a visual break and can be achieved through various means, including signage, and special or seasonal displays.

5. The Cash Wrap Area:
A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the checkout should be located at a natural stopping point in the shopping experience or path that you’ve purposefully created and designed. So when customers naturally turn right upon entering, and you’ve managed to have them go through and circle all the way around, you’ll most likely come to the conlusion that the left-hand side at the front is probably the ideal location for your checkout counter.

Please visit Shopify If you’d like to read more on the key aspects to setting up a Pop-Up Store.

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