March 20, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

A Few Pop-Up Tips

“We strongly believe at Retail Is Detail that the success of any outstanding experiential event, lies in the details and the execution.”

1) Lay the foundation
It is important that you and your key stakeholders are all on the same page about the primary purpose of the pop-up and how success will be measured. Are you showing off a new line? Expressing a lifestyle behind your brand? Attracting a new target audience? How will you measure results? Consumer traffic? Press? Social media posts?

2) Drive by design
A temporary space should feel fresh, unexpected and inspiring. From signage to layout to furnishings and décor, every detail should thoughtfully underscore and reflect the brand.

3) Create content
Use your space to host experiences that engage attendees to bring your brand to life and build buzz. a beauty bar and photo studio

4) Engage influencers
By engaging influencers, you can drive more traffic in the short-term and build lasting relationships on behalf of your brand for the long-term.

Excerpts taken from the Huffongton Post article on Tips for Making Your Pop-up Pop.

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