March 10, 2015 Bernard - Retail Is Detail

Ecommerce brick-and-mortar part one


The majority of overall retail sales are still taking place offline, however ecommerce sites have realized that they need to set up physical shops if they want to gain significant market share.


Ecommerce sites setting up shop offline is, on one hand, good news for the brick-and-mortar realm because it validates the need for physical retail. However, this also means that Main Street is going to get a whole lot more competitive, and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers must step up their game in order to win. Merchants will further enrich the in-store experience by offering services on top of stuff like mobile services, such as loyalty apps and ecommerce merchants will be able to offer services not possible online like beauty treatments.  In our next post we’ll take a look at some examples of ecommerce merchants who are moving to the main streets to gain a significant market share.

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